Last September, I was scouting out a new location for photo shoots, and figured I would bring along my own personal model. I came home after the shoot, culled the session, and promptly filed it away on my hard drive, quickly forgetting about it. This is not unusual for me. I am so bad about actually printing my photographs!

One of my New Years Resolutions was to finish off the small spaces in my home to make it more personal. I’ve created a large gallery corner in the family room, which I’ll share in a post on another day, but for this series of photos, I thought our hallway would be a great location. The frames were already on the wall, holding old sepia prints of family members. They’d been up for a few years, plus the prints were rather grainy. Created on a home scanner and printed on a regular desktop printer. I sent about 20 prints into my favorite print shop and picked which ones worked best once they arrived. I tucked the extras into my photo storage bin, which maybe one day, I’ll get organized!

In the mean time, the little hallway now has some personality. Showcasing my favorite girl and one of my favorite shoots.



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