Earlier this week I traveled to St. Louis, MO to attend a truly fantastic photography conference. Shutterfest, put on by Sal Cincotta, is the ultimate conference in shoot, learn, party.

Last year I came to Shutterfest and focused mainly on the business and marketing classroom sessions. This year, I came to shoot. I was able to attend a hands on class, lead by the very talented Vanessa Joy. She creates such lovely and light wedding images. Posing has always been an area I knew I could gain some knowledge in, and I walked away with a camera full on new options.

On a whole other aspect, I attended a hands on class about adding a fine art flair to your photos, lead by Jenna Martin. Jenna’s photos are creative, and stunning. I was forced to think outside the box, and move beyond traditional. Of course it worked in my favor that all the models on hand were fantastic.

I feel like I walked away with a lot of new knowledge and some great ideas to implement when I’m behind the lens, and I am very much looking forward to what Shutterfest holds in the future!

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